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Maulik Shah & Ishira Parikh

Maulik Shah & Ishira Parikh

The renowned kathak dancers, Ishira Parikh & Maulik Shah stand apart amongst the foremost classical dancers of India not only for their exceptional command & authority over their medium; but also for their innovative approach in presentation. They embody the new spirit in the field of Indian Classical dance. Even though both are virtuous dancers in their own right, together they create unique fusion of complementary artistic vision. Their achievements have won them numerous prestigious awards like the “Sringarmani” award by Sursinger Samsad and “Navdeep” award by Navdeep Pratishthan.

Not only as dancers, but also as choreographers, they have displayed their creative excellence. Their choreographic endeavor reflect the synthesis of highest level of sensitivity and intelligence. They have achieved their subtle balance of innovative ideas and traditional forms in their choreographic. They have attracted newer & larger audiences to kathak dance through their productions. More than 25 shows of their production “Nar Nari” is ample proof.

Maulik and Ishira have performed at many reputed events and in various festival throughout India; They have been cultural ambassadors to as many as 30 countries around the world. Both Ishira and Maulk are designated by the India Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) new Delhi as artists of outstanding category.

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