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The Indian harmonium is a keyboard instrument that uses a hand pumped bellows to move air across a set of reeds which produces a deep, rich sound.

During the mid-19th century missionaries brought French-made hand-pumped harmoniums to India. The harmonium quickly became popular becauseĀ  it was portable, reliable and easy to learn.

The harmonium remains an important instrument in many genres of Indian music, and is commonly found in Indian homes. Though derived from the designs developed in France, the harmonium was developed further in India in unique ways, such as the addition of drone stops and a scale changing mechanism.

A popular usage is by followers of the Hindu and Sikh faiths, who use it to accompany their devotional songs (bhajan or kirtan). There is at least one harmonium in any Hindu or Sikh temple around the world.

Nupur Academy training in harmonium fundamentals is combined with a deep understanding of vocal performance, rhythm, raga and bhajan.